Testimonial: M.F. - Client's Daughter

"I recently moved my mom from an assisted living facility to a nursing home.  She has mild dementia and the move was very traumatic for her.  I have a full-time job and just don’t have time to visit her as much as I would like so I contacted Gentle Embrace for help."  

"Erika found the perfect person to go visit with mom once a week and keep her company.  My mom calls her a special friend and looks forward to her visits.  I feel such a sense of relief knowing that someone is checking in on her and reporting back to me on how she is doing." 

"I am also looking to move mom to another nursing home because I am not happy with the care she is getting where she is and Gentle Embrace was there to help.  Erika personally toured 5 facilities for me and sent me a comprehensive spreadsheet rating the facilities and offering her recommendation.  This is something I absolutely couldn’t have taken the time off from work to do myself."  

"I highly recommend Gentle Embrace!"

Testimonial: S.V. - Client's Daughter

"My parents began working with Gentle Embrace in December 2018 after being referred by their doctor. It was a very difficult time of transition and stress, as well as emotional and physical challenges. Erika Castellanos quickly proved herself to be everything we desperately needed. She has been kind, patient, dependable and has persevered through some very difficult visits, demonstrating a great deal of calm and commitment toward both my mom and dad." 

"As for me, she has been extremely thorough and professional in her communication via calls, text, and e-mail, and always showing sincere and sympathetic tone of concern. While her visits have provided stability to my parents, they have granted me the reassurance of knowing that their medications, health and lifestyle are being monitored by a medical professional." 

"In addition, Erika has recently started an additional person to help around the house and provide companionship to my parents. She has already made an excellent impression, and seems to be a perfect fit." 

"I would recommend Gentle Embrace and the compassionate service, and the personal support they provide. Their youth as a company is evidenced in their fresh, energetic, and dedicated approach to home care."


Thank you!

S. V.

Testimonial: J.M. - Client

"This is my impressions of service I received from Gentle Embrace Home Health Services, January-February, 2019. On January 23rd, I was released from a 3-day hospital stay after falling and injuring myself (broken collarbone and bruised hand and ribs). On the 24th, I was faced with making multiple Orthopedic doctor appointments and also taking care of basic needs; cooking, eating and keeping up with dishes and laundry." 

"At that time my injuries substantially reduced my upper body mobility, which was especially challenging since I live alone in a 3rd-floor apartment. I called Erika Castellanos, COO of Gentle Embrace, around 9-10 am that day and she was able to make it to my apartment at 4pm that same day to discuss services available. We made arrangements to employ help; Erika said someone was definitely available the following Monday, January 28th and possibly the next day, Friday Jan 25th."


"On the 25th, I woke early feeling very poorly. I was weak from not having any prepared food to eat, apartment kitchen and living area in disarray, and also in moderate to severe pain. I was not able to drive to drop off my pain med prescriptions. I called Erika around 9-930 am and explained my situation, asking for help. As it turns out, her office is nearby and amazingly, she was able to come to my apartment in 1 hour to help me out of a very critical situation. Erika cooked me healthy meals to last for 2-3 days, took care of cleaning my kitchen and living areas, and laundry. She also took my med prescriptions to nearby pharmacy when she left." 

"I cannot emphasize how important this help was. I was very weak and dizzy from lack of proper food and from pain. I have used other home care services in the past, and I know of none that could provide this type of immediate service. I was also short on food; Erika made special arrangements to go on a grocery run for me the following day, which was a Saturday."


"For the following 3 weeks, I received excellent care and assistance from Gentle Embrace helpers. I worked with two helpers over that time, 2-3 days per week for 3-4 hours. All of my needs were met: grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, and assistance with cooking. Rides to doctor appointments were also provided. And I must emphasize that Erika and the other Gentle Embrace employees were very good at listening to me and discussing my health needs and challenges." 

"Erika is also very flexible on scheduling time and provides for the individual customer’s needs, not based on a minimum hours/week."

"In closing, I was exceptionally pleased with help provided and would recommend Gentle Embrace to anyone in need."


Houston, TX

Testimonial: E.B. - Client's Daughter

 "Erika is very professional and has a lot of patience!" 

"She came to my mom's house to do intake. My mom is very old school and doesn’t like anyone helping her. My mom had a lot of push backs, but Erika was very interested in what my mom had to say. Every time my mom said something, Erika would paraphrase what my mom said and gave her professional feedback." 

"She reviewed every single of my mom's prescriptions and thoroughly explained and answer any question that my mom had." 

"I would definitely recommend her services."